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Das hörst Du Dir an:

Æðra - Perseidena

ra  Perseidena

Vanishing Point - Tangled in Dream

Vanishing Pointxxl

Benighted - Necrobreed

benighted 2017xxl

AntropomorphiA - Sermon Ov Wrath

antropomorphia 2017xxl

Ride For Revenge - Thy Horrendous Yearning

ride for revenge yearning cover

Gloson - Grimen

gloson grimenxxl

Grave Plague - The Infected Crypts

grave plaguexxl

Fjoergyn - Lucifer Es

Fjoergyn   Lucifer Esxxl

Code - Lost Signal

cover code ep HAUxxl

Sinister - Syncretism

sinister 2017xxl

Nidingr - The High Heat Licks Against Heaven

Nidingr coverxxl

Black Cilice - Nocturnal Mysticisms

Black Cilice xxl

Ever Circling Wolves: Of Woe or - How I learned go stop worrying and love the gloom

Ever Circling Wolvesxxl

Inexorable - Sea Of Dead Consciousness


Gurthang - Shattered Echoes

Gurthang  Shattered echoesxxl

Nailed To Obscurity - King Delusion

nailed to ob

Horisont - About Time

horisont 2017xxl

Oni - Ironshore

Oni  Ironshorexxl

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