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Heads For The Dead - neuer Song online

head  for the dead1Unter dem Banner Heads for the Dead haben sich Ralf Hauber (Revel in Flesh) und Jonny Pettersson (Wombbath, Henry Kane, Ursinne) zusammengetan und das Debütalbum „Serpent's curse" eingetrümmert. An dieser Stelle gibt es den neuen Track "Deep Below" auf die Ohren.

1. Serpent’s Curse
2. Heads for the Dead
3. Deep Below
4. Post Mortem Suffering
5. The Awakening
6. Death Calls
7. Of Wrath & Vengeance
8. Gate Creeper
9. The Return to Fathomless Darkness
10. In Darkness I Feel No Regrets

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Hamferð - Europa Tour 2018

hamferd egonautxxlIm Oktober werden die Doomer Hamferð durch Deutschland, Belgien und den Niederlanden touren, um ihr aktuelles Werk 'Támsins likam' (Review hier!) zu promoten.

 Die Band kommentiert das Ganze wie folgt: "We are very much looking forward to coming back to Germany and The Netherlands after our successful tour earlier this year. It's also going to be special to get to play our first show in Belgium for seven years. Joining us on the first half of the tour will be the excellent Egonaut, who will help us create a very special doom ceremony. This is not to be missed."

Hamferð live:
02.10.2018 DE - Stuttgart, Club Zentral (w. Egonaut)
03.10.2018 DE - Leipzig, Hellraiser (w. Egonaut)
04.10.2018 DE - Hamburg, Bambi Galore (w. Egonaut)
05.10.2018 DE - Paderborn, Metal Inferno Festival
06.10.2018 BE - Saint Georges, From Dusk til Doom 4
07.10.2018 NL - Tilburg, Little Devil

(Quelle: Metal Blade Records)

Krisiun - neuer Song online

krisiun 2018xxlAm 07. September werden Krisiun ihr elftes Studioalbum “Scourge Of The Enthroned” via Century Media Records veröffentlichen. An dieser Stelle gibt es bereits jetzt den ersten neuen Track "Demonic III" auf die Ohren.


1. Scourge of the Enthroned 05:54
2. Demonic III 05:01
3. Devouring Faith 04:19
4. Slay the Prophet 04:50
5. A Thousand Graves 04:11
6. Electricide 04:04
7. Abysmal Misery (Foretold Destiny) 03:57
8. Whirlwind of Immortality 05:51

(Quelle: Century Media Records)

Voivod - neuer Song online

voivod 2018xxlAm 21. September werden Voivod ihr neues Album „The Wake“ via Century Media Records veröffentlichen. An dieser Stelle gibt es den ersten neuen Track “Obsolete Beings“ auf die Ohren.

Gitarrist Daniel “Chewy“ Mongrain" kommentiert: "It is with great enthusiasm and pride that we will soon share with you the fruit of 2 years of labour in the form of an intricate, intense and colourful journey with our new album "The Wake", expanding the boundaries of VOIVOD’s multiverse!"

1. Obsolete Beings
2. The End Of Dormancy
3. Orb Confusion
4. Iconspiracy
5. Spherical Perspective
6. Event Horizon
7. Always Moving
8. Sonic Mycelium

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Anaal Nathrakh - kündigen neues Album an

AnaalNathrakh 2018Am 28. September werden Anaal Nathrakh ihr neues Werk „A New Kind Of Horror“ via Metal Blade Records veröffentlichen. Als ersten Vorgeschmack gibt es an dieser Stelle den ersten neuen Song „Forward!“ auf die Ohren.

Sänger Dave Hunt 'A New Kind Of Horror' kommentiert: "Dieses Album ist nicht fröhlich, sondern zu gleichen Teilen gallig, jähzornig, sarkastisch, zynisch, brutal, entsetzlich und grässlich. Vor allem aber ist es zutiefst menschlich und bezieht alles mit ein, was damit einhergeht. Etwas Aufrichtigeres hätten wir nicht machen können."

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Sepulcher - neuer Track online

SepulcherxxlAm 14. September werden Sepulcher via Edged Circle Productions ihre zweite Langspielplatte „Panoptic Horror“ veröffentlichen. An dieser Stelle gibt es den ersten neuen Track "Corporeal Vessels" auf die Ohren.

1. Corporeal Vessels
2. Towards an Earthly Rapture
3. Corrupting the Cosmos
4. Ethereal Doom
5. Abyssal Horror
6. Scourge of Emptiness
7. Haunting the Spheres

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Carnage Manifesto Tour 2018

demonical tourxxlUnter dem Banner "Carnage Manifesto" steigen im November Demonical, LIK und Of Fire gemeinsam in den Tourvan. Hier die Termine:

06.11 PL Poznan, Klub U Bazyla
07.11 CZ Praha, Modra Vopice
08.11 DE Mannheim, MS Connexion Complex
09.11 DE Bitterfeld, Festung
10.11 DE Hamburg, Bambi Galore
11.11 DE Osnabrück, Bastard Club

(Quelle: Demonical)

Deicide - neuer Song “Excommunicated” online

deicide 2018xxlAm 14. September werden die Death Metaller Deicide ihr zwölftes Album “Overtures Of Blasphemy” via Century Media Records veröffentlichen. Als ersten Vorgeschmack auf das Teil gibt es an dieser Stelle den ersten neuen Track “Excommunicated” auf die Ohren.

Chefdenker Benton kommentiert: "This album came together over time, meaning we didn't want to rush it. A few people might remember an interview where Steve Asheim (original member, drummer/songwriter) said 'the material is done, but it's just not there yet.' Well, that was the jumping off point of when this album truly started taking shape and the songs became what they are now...complete, compact and effective. As the band pushed forward, so did the writing process and a few other processes which made the record and the band stronger. The result is Overtures Of Blasphemy, perhaps the group’s strongest release to date. Jason Suecoff lended his considerable talents and attention to detail in making the tracking of the songs as great as they can be and the final mix as sonically brutal, yet as listenable as possible. An arduous process, but one well worth the time and effort."

Weiterlesen: Deicide - neuer Song “Excommunicated” online

Zombiefication - Full Album Stream

zombiefication 2018xxlVia Doomentia Records werden Zombiefication am 15. Juli ihr neues Album "Below the Grief" veröffentlichen. An dieser Stelle könnt ihr das Album vorab am Stück hören.

1. Blood Falls
2. Deliverence from the Astral Sea
3. Echoes of Light
4. From Death to its Son
5. Heavy is the Crown
6. Hunger Undying
7. Sky Burial

(Quelle: Doomentia Records)

Horrendous - kündigen neues Album an

Horrendous xxlDie Death Metaller Horrendous werden am 28. September ihre neue Scheibe „Idol“ auf dan Markt werfen. Passend dazu gibt es an dieser Stelle den ersten neuen Track „Soothsayer“ auf die Ohren.

Die Band kommentiert: "Before starting the writing process for Soothsayer, we had been listening to a lot of King Crimson and I remember wanting to try writing something in the grandiose and rhythmic, multilayered style of their mid to late 70s output. I wanted to capture that same sprawling, menacing atmosphere they so frequently achieve. Some experimentation with this idea led to the opening riffs/section of the song. The rhythmic foundation of the intro is slightly off kilter, giving it a bit of an unsettling/jarring sound, and the multiple layers built on top of it add additional rhythmic and melodic ideas which provide some nice counterpoint to the main riff and help flesh out this section of the song. From there, the song constantly evolves, with spiraling, jagged riffing that shifts from angular tremolo passages into a melodic crescendo, only to return to the initial theme of the song and end. Soothsayer's lyrics mirror this chaos, describing the intangible yet all too present and influential effects of ideology-how it can become both a sword and shield used to protect antiquated thinking, and how it can in some cases seemingly possess one's thoughts and actions, leading to violence as a balm to ameliorate one's fear of social, political, or cultural erasure. In Soothsayer, ideology is at once a spirit, a great influencer, a God, a harbinger of destruction, and an epidemic of sorts, the roots of which are lying dormant in all of us. It's a song about avoiding the teachings, biases, false information and other destructive thinking with which we have been inculcated.

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